Data Shredding

Selling or disposing of a device? Get Tonik UK to permanently shred your data!

Your data is extremely precious – and the responsibility you have for ensuring that for ensuring that other peoples data you may have on your device remains private means that you cannot be complacent.

Unfortunately, wiping out data when “resetting” it doesn’t mean that someone with the wrong intentions cannot access it still. When selling or disposing of old equipment and devices, it’s crucial to ensure that data that your data is permanently “shredded” so it cannot be retrieved by anyone else.

Recent data protection laws have come into effect to protect us all. For businesses, failure to comply by these can result in some heavy fines.

We offer a full range of data shredding services which we can perform on a whole list of device types. This should give you complete peace of mind when you decide to sell on or dispose of your devices.

Let us know how we can help keep your data safe. Complete the form below for a quote – or, you can call 01920 481 816 or email us.


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