UK / Nationwide Repair Service

We repair devices from all over the UK !

We accept devices for repair from all around the country, so even if you are not located near one of our repair centres, you can still take advantage of our repair service.

Turnaround is quick –  once received many repairs are carried out on the same day, most other repairs within a few days All the work is done in house to the same high standards as if you took the device to a repair centre yourself.

Collect and Return Service
The first step is to decide if you will be using our collect and return service. If you are then you need to call us to arrange payment for the courier costs and give us a time when it is convenient for you to have the courier collect your device (Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm). We will allocate you a job number which will be your reference number throughout the repair process. Please note this is not refundable if you are not in at the time of collection or if you are in and do not hear the door bell.

Return Only Service
If you chose to use are return only service then all you need to do is send the device to us. No payment is needed at this time. Your device will be booked in and an email confirmation will be sent to you along with your reference number. Your device will then be assigned to an engineer for assessment so we can advise you of costs (including return postage fees). If you approve our quotation, we will try to turn around the repair as quickly as possible.

If you have a faulty device and would like a quote, or would like information on how to send the device to us for repair click on the link below.